APIs for Mobile Feedback & Messaging

Neemware provides simple APIs to help you get direct feedback from your users and communicate with them with rich messages.


Get feedback from your users

Tired of Negative Reviews?

reduce negative app reviews

Neemware gives your mobile apps listening tools. Your frustrated users can directly talk to you instead of writing negative reviews via a simple feedback form.

Privately receive feedback and reply to users via Neemware web dashboard in real-time, and delight your users.

You can not only get feedback from your users in real time, you can also reply to them in real time !!!


Don't guess; Just ask your users

Ask relevant questions to segmented audience. Get answers in real time and make better business decisions.


Engage with your users with contextual rich messages

You have received feedback from your users. You got answers to your questions. Now it is time for you to engage with your users in a contextual, non-intrusive way. Send them rich messages.

Based on your understanding of your users you can use rich messages - For some users you may want to send plain text messages and for some other segment you would like to send messages with images and for yet another segment you would like to send videos. Our rich messages will help you in whatever ways you want to communicate with your users.

How it works

Our APIs are easy to use, standards based, RESTful APIs.They are platform agnostic. Register your Apps in our dashboard and start using them immediately !!!

Don't just take it from us...

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