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In-App Questions

Keep users in the app and ask them questions to get insights. You can learn how your users found your app, what new features they would like or if they are satisfied with your app and much more. Our customers have seen upto 32% response rate on questions.

In-App Feedback

Prevent negative feedbacks in the app stores. You can not only receive private feedbacks from your users, but also reply to users directly via Neemware web dashboard. Your frustrated users can directly talk to you using a simple feedback form instead of writing negative reviews.


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For iPhone/iPad, Android or Windows Apps

Neemware has an iOS SDK for iPhone and iPad. We also provide a restful API for Android and other platforms. Once you have integrated the SDK you can receive feedback and push new questions to users in your app from our web dashboard. Check out our video on how it works.


Don't just take it from us

"Establishing a direct relationship with your mobile users is critical to maximizing the value of your mobile initiatives."

Nolan Wright - CTO & Co-Founder, Appcelerator

"Using Neemware we were able to identify & educate our mobile customers who are most likely to buy our online & desktop products. This is valuable information for our marketing & product teams. Neemware was really simple to setup, very easy to use & gives valuable insights."

Healy Jones - VP of Marketing, OfficeDrop

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Neemware solves the problem of app retention and app engagement. Using Neemware Product Managers can get feedback from their users, ask questions and get behavior insights - without updating the app constantly.

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